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  1. Pulse Healthcare System to gain majority interest in Crystal ASC

    Houston-based Pulse Healthcare System entered an agreement to acquire controlling interest in Crystal Outpatient Surgery Center in the same city.
  2. How physicians really feel about the incentive bonus system: 10 notes

    The average physician bonus in 2022 was around 15 percent of their yearly salary according to an August report from Medscape. 
  3. The biggest disruptors of the ASC industry

    From high patient deductibles to supply chain issues, five ASC leaders joined Becker's to discuss the biggest disruptors of the industry. 

Optimizing Wound Management in the Hospital and ASC Setting

Ortho bundled payments come with risks. Are they worth it? Surgeons from Rothman, NYU Langone + other top tier systems lay out the pros and cons.
  1. Amazon's healthcare moves: 3 big moves in 2 weeks 

    Here are three healthcare moves from Amazon in the last two weeks:
  2. Axim Biotechnologies, Versea Holdings sign distribution agreement

    Axim Biotechnologies, a pharmaceutical company targeting ocular diseases, signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Versea Ophthalmolics, a division of Versea Holdings, a healthcare company specializing in distributing ocular diagnostic and therapeutic products. 
  3. 23K patient files accessed during Texas surgical hospital hack

    Lubbock (Texas) Heart & Surgical Hospital has notified patients of a hacking event in July that affected 23,379 individuals. 
  4. Michigan physician convicted of $1.8M fraud scheme 

    Oakland County, Mich.-based podiatrist Kenneth Mitchell, DPM, was convicted for his role in a $1.8 million healthcare fraud scheme after billing Medicare under another physician's name, the U.S. Justice Department said Sept. 16. 

Specialty practice consolidation 101: How to balance growth with autonomy

Specialty practice consolidation 101: Get up to speed on the top growth challenges and macro trends for physician owners and investors.
  1. US Eye adds 64th practice location

    US Eye has added Myrtle Beach, S.C.-based Eastern Eye Care to its network of practices, now operating 64 practices and five ASCs in the Southeastern U.S. 
  2. UC Davis receives $4M for glaucoma research

    Entrepreneur Daryl Geweke has donated $4 million to the Sacramento, Calif.-based UC Davis Health Eye Center to endow two ophthalmology professors to continue their research on glaucoma treatment. 
  3. 10 US cities with the highest inflation rates

    The U.S. inflation rate rose 8.3 percent in August, with states in the southeast and southwest being hit the hardest according to a Sept. 17 report from CNBC. 
  4. ASC owners can expect to face higher energy bills this winter

    The U.S. Treasury Secretary has warned Americans that another price spike for gasoline is coming this winter, which could cause heating bill costs to rise for homes and businesses, according to a Sept. 16 report from USA Today. 

Scaling standardized protocols saved one hospital $12M in 1 year

The switch to value-based care is expensive, but this strategy saved a North Carolina hospital $12M in 1 year.
  1. Calif. hospital building ASC with $712M project

    Mission Viejo, Calif.-based Providence Mission Hospital is building a multispecialty ASC as part of an expansion project.
  2. 16 gastroenterology updates

    From celebrities receiving colonoscopies to a $785 million physician-led buyout, here are 16 gastroenterology stories Becker's has reported on since Aug. 29:
  3. UCSF recruiting patients for robotic colorectal surgery trial

    UCSF Health is recruiting patients for a clinical trial studying the use of single port robotic technology for colorectal surgery in the U.S.
  4. 7 GI developments this month

    From the sale of GI Alliance to a new Crohn's disease test, here are seven GI developments that our readers are keeping an eye on in September. 
  5. Women in GI Network advocates for industry equality

    In 2021, Miami-based Gastro Health launched the Women in GI Network, led by Asma Khapra, MD, to promote gender equity in gastroenterology, according to a Sept. 16 press release sent to Becker's. 
  6. Medical student loan forgiveness may be taxed in 7 states

    While the Biden administration's student loan forgiveness program will not tax loan forgiveness federally, several US states, including Indiana, have announced their intentions to tax forgiveness at a state level according to a Sept. 8 report from CNBC.
  7. Number of ASCs in the 10 most, least populated U.S. states

    California currently tops the list of states with the highest number of ASCs, reaching 845. California is also the most populated state in the nation, according to 2022 population data. 
  8. Why orthopedics is the golden ticket for ASCs

    Orthopedics may be ASCs' best option for running a profitable and successful center.
  9. Personal healthcare cost increase by region from 1991-2020

    The average annual cost of personal healthcare expenditures by region grew everywhere in the U.S. since 1991, with the Rocky Mountain region seeing the highest annual increase rate on average according to data from the CMS. 

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