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  1. Physician to pay $135K, loses license for overprescribing controlled substances 

     Former Auburn, N.Y.-based physician Jang Boo Chi, MD, and his medical practice will pay $135,000 for overprescribing opioids in dangerous combinations. 
  2. United Digestive transitions endoscopy centers to new cloud-based platform

    Leading gastroenterology practice manager United Digestive has partnered with software and automated workflow solutions platform Provation to standardize documentation across all of its endoscopy facilities. 
  3. How 2 independent ASCs are tackling staff shortages

    Some ASCs spend one-fourth or more of their net operating revenue on employees to stay ahead of shortages, according to a report from VMG Health. 

Maximizing ASC Performance in Orthopedics and Beyond through New Technologies and KPIs

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  1. Physician social media behavior: 7 things to know

    Seventy-five percent of physicians have seen other physicians make inappropriate comments on social media, whether they be about themselves, friends or politics, according to Medscape's 2023 "Physician Behavior" report, published Aug. 30. 
  2. What physicians like least about their job

    From payer behavior to burnout, three physician leaders joined Becker's to discuss what they like least about their job. 
  3. Healthcare workers are unhappier than ever: 3 report findings

    Healthcare was found to be the unhappiest industry in 2023, according to a report from human resources company BambooHR.
  4. What should happen when physicians behave badly in the workplace?

    Forty-six percent of physicians said physicians who behave badly at work should be verbally warned, according to Medscape's "Physician Behavior Report 2023."

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  1. 5 highest-paid CEOs of ASC, medical practice chains

    AFL-CIO ranked the highest-paid CEOs from S&P 500 and Rusell 3,000 companies to develop a report on the highest-paid top executives for healthcare organizations in 2023. 
  2. 5 hospitals closing, ending services

    Here are five hospitals closing or ending services since Aug. 15:
  3. 9 common examples of physician misbehavior

    Bullying or harassing clinicians and staff members is the most common physician bad behavior witnessed in the workplace, according to Medscape's 2023 "Physician Behavior Report," published Aug. 30. 
  4. 55% of physicians have seen other physicians 'behave inappropriately'

    Fifty-five percent of physicians have seen another physician "behaving inappropriately" in the workplace, outside of the workplace or on social media, according to Medscape's 2023 "Physician Behavior" report, published Aug. 30. 

How a better patient financial experience can boost efficiency for ASCs

With high operating costs and staffing concerns at the forefront, ASCs have enough on their plates. Learn how to lighten your ASC's load and boost efficiency here.
  1. The best states to live, ranked

    Massachusetts has been named the top state to live in for 2023 while New Mexico has been named the worst, according to WalletHub.
  2. 3 hospitals filing for bankruptcy in 3 weeks

    Here are three hospitals that are filing for bankruptcy that Becker's has reported on since Aug. 3: 
  3. 5 highest paid cardiologists in Los Angeles

    The highest paid cardiologist in Los Angeles earns $1,077,500, according to Medscape's salary reporter tool, which is much higher than the mean annual wage of $421,330 cardiologists make according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  4. 3 recent robotics updates at ASCs

    Here are three robotics updates from ASCs that Becker's has reported on since Aug 1: 
  5. Cost of an upper GI endoscopy by state: ASC vs. HOPD

    ASCs are typically the less expensive site of care to receive an upper GI endoscopy compared to hospital outpatient departments, according to data from Sidecar Health's care calculator. 
  6. 3 Stark law updates affecting ASCs

    Here are three Stark law updates that may affect ASCs: 
  7. 5 largest payers by market share

    UnitedHealthcare is the largest insurer in the U.S. by market share, according to a July 2023 report from Value Penguin. 
  8. The new prior authorization rules going into effect Sept. 1

    On Sept. 1, UnitedHealthcare will begin its two-phased approach to eliminating prior authorization requirements. 
  9. 10 highest-paying employer types for physicians

    Single specialty group practices topped the list for average physician compensation in 2022, according to from Doximity's 2023 "Physician Compensation Report"

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