Patient warming for surgical procedures: 5 things to know

Patient warming can be an important tool for surgeons in ensuring patients are comfortable during surgery and reducing surgical site infections, according to two recent meta-analyses published in January and May.

Here are five things to know about patient warming:

1. Surgical site infections are the most common cause of postoperative complications, affecting 1 percent to 3 percent of American and European patients and are associated with $4.25 billion in preventable costs, according to a report in the European Medical Journal. The journal's meta-analysis reported evidence for a statistically significant correlation between perioperative warming interventions and SSI prevention.

2. The EMJ report meta-analysis also found patients who received perioperative warming had reduced patient-reported pain experiences and lower downstream care expenses. The International Journal of Surgery also published a meta-analysis of preoperative warming's affect on surgical site infection and found 30-minute prewarming at 43 degrees Celsius is associated with reduced SSI.

3. The patient warming devices industry is estimated to hit $2.3 billion in 2020 and grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2 percent through 2027, when it will hit $3 billion, according to a analysis.

4. The U.S. patient warming devices market is projected to reach $625.9 million in 2020 and continue growth to reach $918.9 million by 2027.

5. The pandemic could increase growth, as elective procedures put off during the pandemic will be performed in the latter half of 2020 and in 2021. Elective procedures, including orthopedics, as well as urgent treatment for diseases such as cancer, require patient temperature monitoring systems, according to a Technavio report.

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