Sharon Dufault, nurse manager at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital, on improving ASC quality & infection control

Sharon Dufault, BSN, RN, shared insights on quality improvement in ASCs with Becker's ASC Review.

Note: Responses have been lightly edited for style and clarity.

Question: Where would you recommend ASCs begin improvements?

Sharon Dufault: Look at ways to provide a consistent approach to obtain history and physicals; educate patients before they get to the surgery center about what they need to know post-op and any home care needs. Standardize the post-op times in post-anesthesia care unit and in post-op areas. Also, make sure to discharge patients based on what research shows and not base it on physician preference. Additionally, use standardized order sets specific for the type of surgery on all patients.

Lastly, ASCs should make sure that pediatric patients' care is not compromised as pediatric patients are not mini adults. They are a specialty that needs to be cared for appropriately.

Q: What would you say are the quality measures (hand-washing, medications, etc.) that get overlooked the most, and how can ASCs improve?

SD: From a post-op point of view, it is necessary to enhance discontinuing orders that were used in a PACU setting so that when the patient transfers to the unit those orders are not present so that orders are not carried if they are not supposed to be post op orders

Q: What are some ways staff can improve hand-washing?

SD: Have hand sanitizer in every bay/room in all areas of the surgery center.

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